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Marion Mercier, a former model, has decided since 2018 to use her experience to evolve as an agent.

​Her goal is to discover new faces, managing all aspects of a model’s career, from placement in France to international: a 360° development. A specific strategy to each profile.

From the realization of the book to the artistic direction of the book, Marion and her team also produce polaroid shootings, help to adapt the image on social networks and a personal coaching. Beyond simple faces, she seeks above all, personality and diverse talents.


From Lancôme to Vogue Arabia, they affect all sectors; from fashion to beauty campaigns.


« I wished after my career as a model to create and federate a real team by accompanying them day after day in the fashion industry. My focus is on human contact with my models. » - Marion Mercier

She has been joined by Margaux for a year, who from her 10 years of modeling knows all the ins and outs of this profession which allows her to manage and develop the international part.

« It’s an opportunity for me, to optimize the career of each through placements and stays on stay strategically. » - Margaux

Casting Direction:

International placement:

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